Expert Advice

Park Smart Group has been providing guidance to individual campgrounds and multi-national Resort RV Parks for over 30 years in North America and globally. 

Gary Bruno and Park Smart Group take a personalized approach to analyzing your entire operation and providing you with smart solutions so you can make better decisions and achieve your business goals.

Partnering with you

Thinking of selling now or in the future? Park Smart Group can help. We will help you maximize your profit and provide you and your loyal customers with a smooth and discreet transition.

No matter what your business goals are, Park Smart Group will be your strategic partner on the path to success. 

Specific to you

Your Park Assessment includes:

  • Analysis of revenue leakage and a solutions based approach to establishing better operational practices
  • Consultation on enhanced and new revenue opportunities
  • Feedback & solutions to customer comments and concerns
  • Detailed outline of how you can increase your per site yield and shoulder season income opportunities
  • Rate scans to ensure you are leading rather than following in maximizing site occupancy percentage at the correct rates
  • A review and tune up of your existing marketing plan with an emphasis on e-commerce and web presence
  • Other operational enhancements that work to the benefit of you, your staff and your customers

Yes please!

Help me reach my goals.

Our Team

Gary Bruno

As the president and founder of Park Smart Group (PSG), Gary Bruno has over 30 years of experience in the campground and Resort RV Park industry.

 Before founding PSG, he worked both in senior management and as a director in the development and growth of two multinational campground ownership corporations.

Gary and his wife Darcy have two children and one grandchild. 

Elissa Fesyk

Elissa has extensive marketing, events and communications experience. Her career has taken her all over the world from Silicon Valley to Beijing, China.

Her areas of expertise include social media strategy, online content, hospitality, event planning and promotions.

Elissa, her husband, Jason, and their two year old enjoy exploring parts unknown. Favourite destinations include, Kauai, HI, Whistler, BC, the Scottish Highlands and any locations that promises adventure and a warm, sunny beach.

Arran Fraser

Arran brings a diverse set of IT skills both to Park Smart Group and its clients.

His career is consulting with small businesses and charities, supporting them practically with his expertise in networking, systems administration, open source tools, and custom website development.

When not working for a client, Arran is probably on a camping trip with his wife and their five children!

Bob Zotara

Bob brings over 27 years of experience to Park Smart Group. He specializes in high profile, full-service advertising, marketing and business communications.

With comprehensive experience in marketing plan development and implementation along with multi-media skills (print, electronic, new media) he has successfully implemented many advertising and marketing campaigns.

Bob has also been responsible for client branding, positioning, creative, copywriting, production and image for a wide range of clientele.