Strategic partner, problem solver, lobbyist, and speaker.

Over the past 30 years Gary Bruno has become well known throughout the campground and Resort RV Park industry for his comprehensive Park Assessments which have helped hundreds of business owners make smarter decisions and in turn operate more efficiently and increase profit margins by up to 15 percent.

Gary gained a great deal of experience before founding Park Smart Group in 1998.

Working both in senior management and as a director in the development and growth of two multinational campground ownership corporations, Gary established himself as a visionary leader in the campground and Resort RV Park industry.

Career highlights include:

Managing and developing North America’s largest resort property.

Under Gary’s leadership, Sherkston Shores experienced a continued average net rate of growth of over 15 percent per annum in combination with superior customer satisfaction survey results. He had the distinction of receiving four President’s awards for that accomplishment. During his years at Sherkston gross income went from $1M to approximately $6M per annum concurrently with a capital-spending roll out of $15M in resort improvements.

Divisional Director for startup and growth OF SEVEN RV RESORT PROPERTIES.

Gary directed the acquisition and strategic development of seven Resort RV Properties in S.W. Florida. He also implemented a new corporate structure after acquisition.

Directorships with Private Campground Associations.

Gary worked with industry lobby groups, and other associations in the tourism and hospitality industry, including hotels, motels, resorts tour operators etc.

Gary also has extensive experience sourcing properties for acquisition.

Providing due diligence assisted investigation, and reporting along with the creation of a property development strategy, Gary prepared for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). As well he has brokered many partnerships for land development and marketing plans for both the private and public sector.

Gary’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in urban studies and political science. He also has extensive hospitality management, marketing, and sales training from Disney University, Pendle and Wilson Learning the global leader in sales training.

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Gary Bruno is recognized and applauded as an industry expert who mobilizes and motivates audiences throughout North America.

Speech topics include:

  • The Top 10 Strategies of Success for Tomorrow's Campgrounds.
  • Maximize Your Renevue with These Steps.

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