Park Smart Group provides advice and consulting to both large and small campgrounds and Resort RV Parks.

Gary Bruno and his team of Park Smart experts will drill down into the heart of your campground or Resort RV Park and uncover hidden revenue streams, identify cost saving initiatives and streamline operational procedures. As well, we have a proven track record of helping campgrounds and Resort RV Parks overcome obstacles with strategic solutions that save both time and money.

Whether it’s assistance with rate assessments, selection of the best vendor to meet your individual needs, the planning and roll out of a new initiative, management services or a customer service workshop to inspire your employees, we can help.

Ways Park Smart Group can help:

Park Assessments

Our in depth, patented diagnostic drills down into the heart of your campground or Resort RV Park. We analyze your current operational processes and procedures and make recommendations to save you time and money. Our analysis also includes introducing you to new revenue streams you might be missing.

Park Sales

Thinking of selling now or in the future? Park Smart Group can help you maximize your profit and provide you and your loyal customers with a smooth and discreet transition.

Park Marketing

Park Smart Group offers a full range of marketing services. We can help with branding, promotional products, website design and optimization (SEO), logo design, print production, collateral, signage and much more.

Customer Services Measurements, Surveys and Mystery Shops

As every owner or operator of a successful campground or Resort RV Park knows, it is very easy to become comfortable with what you feel is your image, how your staff performs and what your perceived strengths are.

Park Smart Groups’ time tested package of customer surveys, and mystery shops will be a real eye opener and in many cases the most valuable insight and a game changer for your business going forward. This is a must do management tool.

Energy Conservation Consulting

Being green and saving money is not only good business but also good environmental stewardship. Park Smart Group analyzes your current products and makes recommendations on the best products and services to help you be “greener” and more profitable. We also provide guidance regarding grants and rebates that your campground or Resort RV Park may qualify for and help you begin the application processes.

Expert Witness

If you need to defend or support your position, or your groups’ position, Park Smart Group can help.

Gary Bruno has done depositions, prepared briefs and has spoken before legislative committees at all levels of government as well as many government agencies. Gary has organized and led industry coalitions on tax matters (including property and sales tax), and has consulted on tenant legislation and liability suits.

Contact us, (or have your legal representative, insurance company contact us), to tell us about the nature of your issue and find out how we can help.

Infastructure Expense Recovery

One of the biggest challenges today for any owner is how to fund the new stringent and unavoidable requirements for water and wastewater. These requirements can be so expensive that they may threaten the very survival of your business. Combine that with an increased demand for other costly upgrades and the addition and or improvement of amenities and you have quite a financial challenge on your hands.

Park Smart Group has the solution based on proven best practices to mitigate these financial challenges. Park Smart Groups’ strategies have worked time and time again and can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Contact us for a complete analysis and strategic plan rollout.

Management Services

Park Smart Group provides human resource services, (both search or management staffing).

Whether you’re looking for the right full time manager for your campground or Resort RV Park, or want to have us manage your operations under license, we can help.

Park Model, Cottage/Cabin & RV Rentals

Rentals can equate to a new revenue stream for many parks.

It can also be a drag on earnings, time and reputation if not correctly and systematically rolled out. This is a business that is not as easy as it may appear.

Let the professionals at Park Smart Group advise on whether rentals are right for you.

Park Model, Cottage/Cabin & RV Sales

Gary Bruno has helped increase revenue at parks across North America with his unique sales strategy and training approach.

In a cluttered world of hit and miss sales tactics, Park Smart Group brings a perspective and knowledge to this niche industry that can work for you and your campground.

Rates & Fees Setting

Park Smart conducts a rate scan that calculates what your optimum rates should be to maximize revenue and occupancy.

This includes a rate/fee survey of comparable parks in your area, a review of industry averages, a qualitative breakdown of your park and what it offers (i.e. capacity, previous occupancy rates, etc.) against the various time segments of the season.

Speaker Series & Seminars

Park Smart Group offers a series of seminars for you and your staff. These enlightening, learning experiences work for any size group.

Each talk can be tailored to meet your needs. Select one of our most popular talks (click here for complete list) or let us create one that focuses on your specific area of need.

With Gary Bruno leading the conversation, learning is fun and profitable!

Gary is also available to speak at your conference, convention or general meeting. He takes a personalized approach to his public addresses and will leave your audience enriched, invigorated and ready to use and profit from the knowledge shared.

Gary's Speech Topics

Contact us with your topic requirements or to learn more about speaker series packages and speaking engagements.

Vacation/Holiday Sales

Park Smart Group can help you increase revenue and occupancy rates.

We specialize in framing the vacation and building in the right customer added value to the vacation. We have helped many parks leverage their reservation system as a go forward marketing tool.

You will be surprised at how much unlocked potential Park Smart Group will discover.


The zoning and regulation process for campground / Resort RV Park expansion can be complicated. Gary Bruno has 16 years’ experience on municipal council and has an additional 20 years working in the RV park development industry and knows how to unblock the process at every level of government.

We understand that campgrounds are unique entities and Gary brings a pragmatic approach to negotiating and navigating the planning and regulatory process that will provide comfort to both you and the regulator or the elected representatives.

Contact us today!

Our campaigns are successful because we take the time to work with you and create a blueprint for success.