Thinking about selling your campground now or in the near future?

Park Smart Group has the background and experience to help you maximize the value of your campground or Resort RV Park and sell with fewer headaches.

When making million dollar decisions, knowledge is power.

You don't need to be bombarded with information overload.

With 35+ years of industry experience, Gary Bruno and Park Smart Group will sift through the data and provide you with the information you need to make solid, educated decisions about the sale of your property.

We connect you with buyers once your property is ready.

We assist in finding a sale that best accommodates your special needs and timing.

Park Smart Group understands the importance of confidentiality in matters of selling your campground or Resort RV Park. We help manage all concerns that could impact your current operations, and raise unnecessary red flags to family, staff and loyal customers.

Maximize your value with the help of Park Smart Group.

The driving force behind what we do is the desire to help you earn more money either through the sale of your business or by increasing long term revenue growth.

Thinking about Selling?

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